Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lush Pastures

Hello, sorry it has been so long, i thought i would post this just so you guys know i'am still ticking over, it was initially intended for Illustration Friday : Lush but as i took too long i missed the deadline, with this piece i really wanted to explore landscape and to try a slightly different style. I don't know why i really like the contrast of white outlines. any way hope you enjoy, thank you :).


  1. This is awesome gizzy realy love the perspective, the blades of grass look awesome and the antlers look real good too, also love the way you illustrated the clouds ! your works cool beans dude :D

  2. hey dude thanks for the comment, you don't know how much i appreciate it,especially from someone whose work is awesome, it spurs me on :) i am really fancying something really different for my next one, something along the lines of the style used in the credits of paranorman... or something more graphic like batman... got a few ideas... just to explore styles and try and free myself up a bit more.